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Our Story

As a busy veterinarian, you want to give your clients fast, effective and trusted solutions for their pets. That’s why, here at Lintbells Veterinary, we developed YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 Joint Care – our highest-strength joint supplement range, only available to purchase from veterinarians. It’s designed for dogs and cats under veterinary supervision that are experiencing joint stiffness so that your clients’ pets can keep living their most active life, for life. 

At Lintbells Veterinary, home of the YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 Joint Care range, we’re dedicated to our mission to help as many cats and dogs as possible around the world. That’s why we’re proud to be the UK’s #1 veterinary joint supplement brand,* already supporting over 2 million dogs globally per year.* 

The Lintbells story 

We’ve been making supplements for pets since 2006. Our journey started with Dr. John Howie and John Davies – two people passionate about pet wellness and science. After realizing there was a place for affordable but effective pet supplements in the market, they started Lintbells. Through dedicated vet practices like your own, we’re able to support pets day in and day out. 

We know that at the heart of pet care and well-being are veterinarians. As a brand, we always encourage pet parents to talk to their veterinarians about pet supplements. The YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 Joint Care range was developed as a veterinary exclusive formula, designed for dogs and cats under veterinary supervision who may need additional joint support from our highest strength joint care range.  

It’s veterinary exclusive because we know it’s important that pets experiencing joint stiffness who may need our highest strength joint supplement range are visiting their vet regularly. 

Scientifically formulated, packed with love 

At Lintbells Veterinary, we’re science and heart combined. In pursuing our mission, we search for the most innovative solutions to support pets in a variety of ways. But we don’t scrimp on quality either. Over 15 years of dedicated scientific research and over $1 million of investment has helped us develop our clinically proven formula.* 

What’s more, YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 Joint Care for Dogs is backed by two in vivo, double-blind, placebo-controlled, objectively measured clinical studies.*  

Unique and powerful ingredients 

YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 Joint Care is powered by our unique and sustainably sourced ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel (GLM), sourced from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand. Our ActivEase® GLM is specially selected to have higher bioactivity levels.* 

YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 Joint Care also contains plant-based Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin (found in GLM), which helps to support joint structure.  

How do we support veterinarians? 

We make a conscious effort to think about what veterinarians want. As part of our community, you can access our amazing benefits programs, exclusive to veterinary professionals – Vet Active Life and Vet Rewards. 

We’re confident in our products and you can be too. That’s why we offer your clients a guarantee – ‘see the difference’ in six weeks, or clients receive 100% of their money back.*  

Quality and consistency are key 

We always strive to produce high quality products, and we know that quality and efficacy matter to you. We are obsessed with the quality of our product and that’s why we constantly assess and review and test and tweak and adjust. We sample every batch of ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel up to eight times in a day and analyse a range of fatty acids. That’s why we know we’re delivering clinically proven quality* every time. 

Plus, these full-formula clinical trials reflect our commitment to setting better standards within the supplement industry. Due to our ongoing research, we know with confidence that YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 Joint Care for Dogs works.* 

(* see Additional Informational page)